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Whittaker of West Virginia - the Lottery Jackpot Story

The Biggest Lottery Winners in West Virginia


Whittaker may have been the wealthiest man ever to win a major lottery jackpot. When the 55-year-old West Virginia construction company president won a $315 million Powerball jackpot in December 2002.

At the time, the largest jackpot ever won by a single ticket — he was already worth some $17 million. And Whittaker knew to distribute his new mega-wealth, pledging to give 10 percent of his fortune to Christian charities, donating $14 million to his Jack Whittaker Foundation, and even giving a $123,000 house, a new Dodge Ram Truck, and $50,000 in cash to the woman who worked at the convenience store where he had purchased his winning ticket.

But even Whittaker couldn’t escape his own demons. Beset by legal difficulties and personal problems, he began drinking heavily and frequenting strip clubs. On Aug. 5, 2003, thieves stole $545,000 from his car in a West Virginia strip club parking lot while he was inside.

In January 2007, Whittaker reported to the police that thieves had completely emptied his bank accounts. On Jan. 25, 2004, robbers once again broke into his car, stealing an estimated $200,000 in cash that was later recovered. And a string of personal tragedies followed. On Sept. 17, 2004, his granddaughter’s boyfriend was found dead from a drug overdose in Whittaker’s home. Three months later, the granddaughter also died of a drug overdose. Her mother, Ginger Whittaker Bragg, died five years later on July 5, 2009.

Whittaker himself is alleged to be broke — a claim he made as early as January 2007 for failing to pay a woman who successfully sued him. He’s also being sued by Caesars Atlantic City casino for bouncing $1.5 million worth of checks to cover gambling losses. “I wish I’d torn that ticket up,” he sobbed to reporters at the time of his daughter’s death.

5, 14, 16, 29, 53, and 7 were Whittakers winning numbers and he won the price in the Sign of Capricorn the great sign of bad luck and correction. You might want to avoid playing the lottery when the Sun is in Capricorn. It’s a time of rest for the tropical Zodiac.

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Mogadishu goes Gothenburg

Somali Muslims in Sweden
Immigration crisis has been in the news for several years now and it is a hotly debated topic. Many refugees flee conflict-ridden region and go to places where they can live a better life. There’s always a concern that excessive immigration will have a negative impact on the native population. That’s one of the reasons why it is important to understand the implications of immigration of a specific population to a different country. There has been an influx of Somali Muslims into Sweden over the past couple of decades. This article explores its impact.
Why Do They Choose Sweden?
Sweden is a small country in Europe, but it has seen a great rise in the Somali population in recent years. Many seek to understand why these Somali immigrants choose Sweden over other countries in Europe like the neighboring region of Denmark. Here’s a look at some of the reasons:
·        Sweden Accepts More Asylum Seekers – Sweden has the record of accepting the more asylum seekers than any other European country relative to their population. It accepted around 193,000 asylum seekers between the years of 2015 to 2016. Somali immigrants choose Sweden because they have a higher chance of being accepted there than any other country.
·        Permanent Residency – Sweden is more likely to offer permanent residency to refugees than other countries. Some countries offer temporary residency with the condition that the refugees must return to their homeland if the conditions there improve.
·        Presence of Family – Sweden has a sizable Somali population and many of these individuals are related to people seeking asylum. Most immigrants want to have personal connections with people of their own community. They find it easier to settle in a new country with a strong community in place.
·        Social Benefits – Sweden offers great social benefits to asylum seekers. They get emergency temporary accommodation immediately after they arrive in Sweden. They then provide temporary housing and a daily benefit or welfare money to the refugees. Refugees also get free lessons to learn the local language, which can help them integrate better.
Sweden also promises a better quality of life than most countries in the world. The country has great educational, medical, and social establishments, which make this country appealing to the refugees.
How Do They Enter The Country
Asylum seekers need to be present in the country to be granted asylum. Somali residents manage to make their way to the country and present their case at the border or once they are in the country’s immigration authority centers. They can take any legitimate route to this the destination. Many Somali people get in touch with their relatives or acquaintances already present in Sweden to help them make the journey. They also seek their assistance for the migration process.
What Happens When They Establish Themselves
Somali population is largely concentrated in Borlange, Rinkeby-Kista, and Gothenburg. New Somali immigrants usually make their way to these communities and establish themselves. They then look for jobs to help maintain their lifestyle and become successful in life. Barriers in employment make it difficult for these individuals to get good jobs, which mean they remain on welfare money for a long time, which can be a drain on the government resources.
Somali people also form tight-knit communities instead of integrating with the native population of Sweden. That has led to segregation and a disconnect between the Somali community and the rest.
Are They Literate?
Somalis in Sweden have very low education rates. According to surveys conducted by the government, 44% of the Somalis in Sweden had low educational qualifications. In comparison, Somali immigrants in Canada and the United States had lower percentages of Somalis with poor education. 57% of the adults who migrate from Somalia have low education and they’re even less likely to pursue higher education in Sweden than the younger population.
Do They Live On Welfare?
Somali individuals who haven’t gained employment or started their own business do live on welfare for an extended period of time. Some Somali immigrants do gain good employment or start new businesses, but many remain on welfare.
Do They Have A Clan Culture?
Somalis value their culture and customs intensely. In fact, many Somali people become even more cultural and conservative when they settle in a different country. They also have an honor culture which is particularly restrictive towards women. Their clan culture unites the Somali community and causes them to favor their own above other Swedish or ethnic communities.
Are They A Threat Or A Benefit To Sweden
Somalis can benefit Sweden if they can integrate successfully into the country’s demographic. There are thriving Somali communities in the United States and in the UK. Both of these communities have started small businesses and revitalized the business atmosphere at the location. If the Swedish government can help people gain good employment or business opportunities, they won’t pose much of a threat to Swedish people.
However, lack of education, clan culture, honor culture, and lack of good employment can easily turn a population to illegal activities, which can pose a threat to other people living in Sweden. These immigrants are also susceptible to the influence of Muslim imams and can be easily radicalized.
Links To Criminality
The Somali community has links to crime, most particularly, violent crime. They are more likely to indulge in criminal activity than many other immigrant populations. According to an old survey, one in five Somali immigrant men between the ages of 18-23 are suspected of a violent crime.
Incidences of crime are alarmingly prominent in this community, especially among low-income and low-education groups.

måndag 24 september 2018

An international report on the Crisis in Sweden.

The Attack Against Gothenburg

80 cars were arsoned. (Put on fire.) The Swedish press virtually ignored the whole thing. The only real information come from abroad. The Swedish rebels were silenced by the press. Not even the official channel of Gothenburg came with any substantial information and analysis. Does Sweden really have free speech? It's arguable.

Hur kan man acceptera 100 mord per år?

100 mord per år, men Staffan är nöjd.

Felet ligger hos de människor som är rädda för våldet.

Staffan Landin använder statistik för att på ett osmakligt sätt ifrågasätta och nästan förlöjliga människors oro för våld och kriminalitet. Över 100 människor MÖRDAS i Sverige varje år och han tycks acceptera det rakt av eftersom det inte innebär en tydlig ÖKNING av morden. Som om det inte vore samhällets PLIKT att MINSKA antalet mord och sikta på 2012 års siffror eller lägre VARJE ÅR. Vore det inte i högsta grad rimligt att HALVERA antalet mord? Att Aftonbladet använder Staffan Landin för att förminska våldtäkten i Lorensbergsparken, Avenyn innebär också en förminskning av andra grova brott i Göteborg: Bilbränderna i Västra Frölunda, hemfrisbrottet i Rannebergen och alla de brända bilar i Bergsjön och Angered som Aftonbladet tyvärr aldrig rapporterar om. Budskapet är tydligt: Göteborgare som blir utsatta för brott ska bara hålla käften. Så länge inte det dödliga våldet ökar får Göteborgarna skylla sig själva för socialisterna i Stockholm vet bättre. MUNKAVLE för brottsoffer och om du behöver det ska din hjärna tvångsprogrammeras eller så ska dina mandelkärnor opereras bort så du inte längre kan känna rädsla i ett samhälle där grov kriminalitet tillåts fortsätta år från år utan att MINSKA. Aftonbladets journalister borde skämmas och sedan borde de ta ett ansvar för att minska våldet. De lurar väljarna. De lurar göteborgarna. De lurar samhällets brottsoffer.

tisdag 29 maj 2018

En svensk tragedi

Kanske skulle man sparka hela ledningsgruppen för Försäkringskassan eller polisanmäla Begler och company till EU-domstolen för brott mot de mänskliga rättigheterna. Vi lever i ett land där människor är trötta fysiskt och psykiskt, anvisas till jobb som inte finns, där människor tvingas gå till jobbet med värk i rygg, huvud och leder. Där personer är djupt eller lätt deprimerade, inte kan sova och kanske till och med funderar på att begå självmord. I en sådan stat där man ignorerar de svagas plågor och lidanden roffar Begler åt sig 36 månadslöner på 160.000 och ”liberala” tidningar som Expressen och GP beskyddar denna utsugning av skattebetalarnas surt förvärvade slantar. Hur kan seriösa företag annonsera i en tidning som är så föraktar svaga människor så mycket som Expressen? Ett ständigt frosseri i ytliga nöjen och kändisar och när det väl bränner till i kampen mellan fattiga och rika, mellan starka och svaga tar man alltid de rika i försvar. Såklart att Strandhäll från fattiga Bergsjön har fel och Begler från rika Stockholm har rätt. Mer till de rika, mindre till de fattiga så har liberala tidningar alltid önskat sig världen. 160.000 i månadslön på tre år ger över fem miljoner till Begler. 5 miljoner! Och henne tycker Expressen synd om! Det är uppenbart att Expressen styrs av dunkla krafter och tidningen borde karläggas bättre av det svenska försvaret. Fattiga och svaga svenskar och såväl som fattiga och svaga invandrare går under i Beglers Sverige. Det gäller både kvinnor och män. Det gäller både homosexuella och heterosexuella. Det gäller både köttätare och vegetarianer. Men det är rimligt att tro att de som drabbas hårdast av Beglers piska är homosexuella och vegetarianer eller andra människor som helt enkelt är annorlunda. Det vore önskvärt att seriösa svenska företag SLUTAR att annonsera i oseriösa högertidningar. Och det är hög tid att fler personer svenskar som muslimer reser sig och BOJKOTTAR liberal press. Kopiera den här texten och sprid du var du vill. Jag avsäger mig all copyright du får använda den hur du vill. När företagen slutar kasta bort värdefulla annonspengar till högerextrema tidningar som Expressen och DN blir det här landet snart bättre. Jag tycker synd om alla som förnedrats eller drivits till självmord av Försäkringskassans niosvansade piska. Jag hoppas snart tortyrkammaren försvinner för Sveriges svaga. Vem vill leva i ett Sverige där Stockholms överklass är allt och Göteborgs underklass är inget? Jag skäms över Expressen och är stolt over Annika Strandhäll som får ta skit bara för att hon är från Göteborg. Sista ordet är inte sagt en vacker dag kommer Stockholmsegoisterna betala sveket mot de fattiga och sjuka. De som medverkat till det strukturella våldet mot sin egen befolkning kommer att bli granskade av akademiker som vänder sig mot liknande typer av facism och socialdarwinism. Frescati har inte monopol på verklighetsuppfattningen längre. Det finns självständiga foskare som kan ta andra perspektiv än den högavlönade elitens.