onsdag 23 maj 2018

King Midas

I have just finished casting this spell for you and performing a 10x High Priestess ceremony using your information!!!

This is a form of KING MIDAS Magick that increases one's wealth, increases being noticed in business/career as well as assisting in preserving current and repairing poor financial states. This spell has three main elements:

Calling forth Treasure: This first element draws in the potent Ancient energies to dramatically enhance one's natural energies that attract abundance. One will notice that they begin drawing in more plentiful, abundant opportunities and financial gains. In turn, one will notice that one receives more attention in business, increased income/wealth, finesse and charm in financial/business dealings, enhanced enhanced "luck" with money and financial decisions. Finally, one will notice a great improvement in drawing in income with an almost magnetic power.

The Shining Coin: The Second Element of this spell draws in energies that will brighten one's finances with a charge of power that can "tangibly detected!" This "warmth" will become evident when one is in the presence of great opportunities to increase income. This element can "greatly indicate when one should pay attention to opportunities or 'lucky' instances in the environment". This will lead one down a path of GOLD!"

Stacking Thy Coin: This final element is a powerfully protective and MAGNETIC element that draws in the precise energies that assist in gaining, reparation and strengthening of money ties. This doesn't matter whether one's financial state is good or poor, this element will assist in preserving and gaining wealth or repairing and gaining wealth! The POTENT energies drawn in will 'heal and bridge the gaps' of energy between one and one's improved financial state!

111, 117, 122, 123, 126, 133

111, 115, 116, 117, 122, 123

142, 26, 066

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